dado lighting fixture details.

Lighting products that are 95%+ recyclable.

dado lighting fixtures are made of highly recyclable aluminum extrusions. The lenses and knuckles are also recyclable. We have taken great care in designing the shipping materials to be 99% recyclable to reduce job site waste.

Footprint Reduction

dado lighting takes great pride in reducing our footprint and impact on the environment. Fixture and components are bulk packaged to reduce excessive packing materials. The shipping materials that are used are designed to be 99% recyclable. This reduces job site waste and the impact on the environment.
LEDs peeled away from fixture.
Residue on interior track of fixture.


All dado lighting fixtures are designed and developed in-house. The LEDs in our fixtures are designed to be serviceable. This reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the fixture.

End of Life & New Beginning

dado lighting fixtures are highly recyclable. Once they have performed their duty, end of life is as simple as recycling aluminum cans. The knuckles and lenses are also recyclable.