1.75" deep narrow to wide lines of light without flanges options for mounting within or on hard surfaces.


Shallow depth for mounting in wood, stone or other cavities; on on the surface. Minimal 1/8" lip on sides of lens can also be eliminated with TW3 lens.


  • Recessed
  • Surface Mounted
  • Mixed (e.g. marble to drywall)


  • 1.5”, 2.5”, 3.0”, 4.0" and 6.0" widths. Order to any length. Can be field cut upon order for perfect fit
  • 1/8” lip can be finished as desired
  • TW lens allows for perfect installation with fabric wall coverings
  • LED panels are easily accessed through front lens
  • No tape light for contractor to prep and clean for
  • Overlapping and adjustable corners
  • Housings couple together with crossbolt for straightness and hairline joint
  • One-piece lenses up to 26ft standard length (rolls up to 48” D for shipping)