1.25" deep very narrow lines of light for straight or curved patterns.


Depth of 2 sheets of drywall with internal wire harness and magnetic mounting of LED panels to prevent feed point shadows (common with tape light). Easy install & replacement through front. Flexible lens available up to 100 ft long to eliminate butt joints. Flanges can be added as needed to mount mid-field or along and edge in drywall or grid ceilings.


  • Recessed in drywall, brick, stone, tile, wood etc.
  • Surface
  • Flange options available for GWB and ACT.



  • Recessed lighting in ceilings or drywall.
  • Available in 5/8” width.
  • Continuous lens lengths up to XX feet.
  • LED panels are easily accessed through the front lens
  • No tape light for the contractor to prep and clean for
  • Housings couple together with cross bolts to ensure straightness