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SimpleLine LED

SimpleLine LED may be mounted in walls, ceilings, and across corners;-from horizontal to vertical and every angle in between. No special framing is required due to its zero cavity construction.

The DeadSide version allows a line of light:
– Right to the edge of an inside or outside corner;
– To frame an opening like a doorway or window;
– To transition between a drywall surface and a hard surface like wood or stone, or to a suspended ceiling

The housing is embedded in the wall material. After finishing the wall, the LED optics and lens snaps into place.

Runs can be provided to the nearest 1/16” or 1mm. For unique applications, such as corners and patterns, see additional spec sheet or consult factory. Field cutting option reduces lead time for perfect architectural fit.

  • SimpleLine 25 Cutaway on Metal Studs
Product details:
  • Housing mounts to studs, joists and hat channel, just like drywall
  • Housings longer than 10ft (3050 mm) align with joiners to provide tight joints and seamless appearance.
  • Snap in matte white lens is easy on the eyes and flush with the wall.
  • No flex sidewalls provides constant aperture width, so lens will always snap in tight.
  • All aluminum housing is mudded into surface to provide trimless finish
  • No need to cut corner studs or top plates, inside corner installs quickly and cleanly and adjusts from 85 to 95 degrees adapting to non-square corners.
  • Lenses overlap in corners of housings to reduce possible light leaks
  • CNC aluminum machined ends for consistent finish of edge of housing.